Our Services

Our Main Service

PAY2PICK (Pick Up Recycling)

Ensure an efficient way to pick up your recyclable and PAY2PICK for waste disposal, moving, clearing and cleaning.

Other Services

Green Ranger Support

Well trained team will lead to do waste and recyclable separation including WORKSHOP upon request.

Green Partner Program

Assist organization who keen to attain more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the program designed.

Green Merchant Network

This is a cross marketing initiative, join as our merchant to allow our users to redeem Green Point within Green Merchant Network.

Green Recycling Campaigns

In assisting with corporate/community to organize and kick start unique recycling event using Point Reward System.

Recycling & Carbon Store

Assist in setting up and running this new concept store to support the environment, society and governance for the community and corporate ESG program and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Electrical & Electronic (Ewaste) Recycling

Household and office are welcome to adopt an stainless steel Ewaste Recycling Bin for sustainable collection.

Virtual Green Bank

After collection, user will be rewarded with Green Point and accumulated in Green Point Reward System which is your virtual green bank.